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Sub-class Certification Skills
aris1009Date: Thursday, 2011-10-13, 9:41 AM | Message # 1
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Skill List:

  • Lvl 65 & 70 Emergent Skills:

    Physical Defence: Increases P. Def.
    Magical Defence: Increases M. Def.
    Physical Offence: Increases P. Att.
    Magical Offence: Increases M. Att.

    Emergent skills can be stacked up,with maximum of level 6.

  • Master Skills(Lvl 75 choice):

    Greater Physical Defence: Greatly increases P. Def.
    Grater Magical Defence: Greatly increases M. Def.
    Greater Physical Ofence: Greatly increases P.Att.
    Greater Magical Offence: Greatly increases M.Att.
    Critical Rate: Increase Crit. Rate
    Magic Casting: Increase Cast. Speed

    Unlike Emergent Skills, only Defense and Magic Defense of the Master skills can be learned/stacked up above Lv1 (up to Lv3).

  • Class-Specific Skills(Lvl 75 choice):

    Warrior Skills:
  • Boost CP: Increase Max CP (+738 CP)
  • Resist Mental: Increase resistance to Sleep, Hold, Paralize, Shock and Buff-Cancel attacks (+5%)
  • Counter Haste: 1% chance to increase Atk.Spd. when attacking (+32% Atk.Spd for 15 seconds)

    Rogue Skills:
  • Boost Evasion: Increase evasion (+4 Evasion)
  • Long Shot: Increases the maximum range of bow and crossbow attacks (+100 Range)
  • Critical Chance: 1% chance to increase Crit.Rate when attacking (+30% Crit.Rate for 15 seconds)

    Knight Skills:
  • Boost HP: Increase Max. HP. (+6% HP)
  • Crit.dmg Reduction: Reduce the amount of received critical damage (-5% Crit Dmg recieved)
  • Counter Defense: 3% chance to increase P.Def and M.Def when under attack (+20% P.Def and M.Def for 15 seconds)

    Summoner Skills:
  • Boost HP/MP: Increase Max. HP and Max. MP (+3% both)
  • Resist Element Attribute: Increase Fire, Water, Wind and Earth Attributes resistance (+5 to Elemental Attributes)
  • Counter Spirit: 3% chance to increase M.Atk, Cast.Spd, P.atk and Atk.Spd when under attack (Increase M.Atk, P.atk by 7% and Cast.Spd, Atk.Spd by 8% for 15 seconds)

    Wizard Skills:
  • Anti Magic: Increase resistance to magic attacks (+5% chance for attacking magic to fail)
  • Mana Gain: Increase the amount of MP gained from recharge (+20 MP per recharge)
  • Counter Mana Steal: 3% chance to steal MP from the opponent and recover it as your own when under attack (+10 MP)

    Healer Skills:
  • Boost Pray: Increases effectiveness of received healing (+19 HP per heal)
  • Resist Divine Attribute: Increase Holy and Dark Attributes resistance (+5 to Divine Attributes)
  • Counter Heal: 3% chance to restore HP when under attack (+183 HP)

    Enchanter Skills:
  • Boost Mana: Increase Max. MP (+148 MP)
  • Mana Recovery: Increase MP regeneration rate (+10%)
  • Counter Barrier: 3% chance to become temporarily invincible to damage (but not debuffs) when under attack (Celestial Shield for 5 seconds)

    Divine Transformation Skills are mostly for show-off, so no further explanation needed
    Have fun and see you in-game

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